Insect Screen Installation Singapore

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Insect Screen Installation in Singapore


Insect screen is designed to cover the opening of a window, door or gate to prevent insects from entering into the premises. It is usually a mesh made of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fiber and stretched in a frame of wood or metal/Aluminium. It serves to keep insects, leaves, debris, birds and other animals from entering a building, without blocking fresh air-flow.

Insect Screen Installation Singapore

Depending on the density of the insect screen mesh, it can also act as a filter to prevent dust particles or rain drops to enter into the premise and act as sun-glare filter that makes it multi-purpose.

Insect Screens are installed at all openings of a house/building at

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Gates

They are usually custom made to fit as the windows/door/gate usually don’t come in standard sizes because most windows/doors in different buildings may come in different shapes or sizes. Unless you are a hands on or Do It Yourself (DIY) person who are familiar with taking measurements and cutting the net with the right tools, it is better to engage an insect screen professional to do that to save time, cost or wastage and setting it up right to achieve it’s purpose.


How do we install the Insect Screen in Singapore?


There are few quick steps in installing the insect Screen in Singapore.

  1. Check the types of door/windows/gate
  2. Take the measurement on site
  3. Fabricate the aluminium frame and cut the fibre glass mesh to the specific shape and dimension of the door/window/gate in our local factory
  4. Install the insect screen on site & test for no gaps for any insects to get through.

Our Insect Screen Specialist will be on site for the appointment with you to understand your requirement and preference. They will then make measurements to derive the final cost quotation on site with no obligation to purchase. Upon confirmation of the job, our specialist will advise you on the Final Cost/Quote and an estimated delivery time and schedule for your consideration. If you can confirm the purchase, they shall work with you for the exact date of installation.


Insect Screen Materials we used.


Our Insect Screen Specialist will show you the quality materials we used and let you select the colours of the frame to suit well into your existing interior design.

  • High-transparency & UV-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh (Material made in USA)
    • The high-quality fiberglass mesh from USA that we use in our insect screens offers good ventilation, exceptional transparency, anti-corrosion properties, and resistance to burns. It is also UV-resistant, which helps to reduce sun glare as well as protect us from harmful UV rays.
  • 3M VHB Tape & Magnet
    • 3M VHB Tape’s extraordinary strength, conformability, versatility and UV- and weather-resistance enables us to produce strong, durable insect screens that will last for a long time.
  • Custom Made-to-Fit Screens
    • Odd Size/Shape Windows/Doors, No worries, we custom make and fit for you.
  • 6 Colours to Match Interior Design
    • The 6 common colours to go with most windows/door/gate frame to seamlessly integrate the insect screen to make it look “invisible”

Read the insect screen doors, insect screen windows and insect screen gates for details and picture illustrations.


Why Choose Insect Screen Singapore vs DIY or Other vendors?


Insect Screen Singapore had installed many insect screen in most types of property in Singapore over the years. Residential homes covers 2, 3, 4, 5, Executive Mansonette/apartments, BTO HDB Flats, Executive & Private Condominiums and landed property such as Terrace House, Semi Detached, Detached or Bungalows. We have vast experience with Commercial property that covers Offices, Shops, Factory, Warehouse, Central Kitchen, Education/childcare centres etc.

On top of the our expertise and experience, we give you the peace of mind by the following:

  • Competitively priced at ~$9 per square feet.
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • The product is Made in Singapore Factory!
  • Friendly and Excellent support by our specialist

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So, give us a call to show you our insect screen solutions and the benefits that you will get out of this affordable investment which are:

  • Stop insects to enter into your premise
  • Keep out dust & ashes.
  • Reduce sun glare, while you can enjoy the clear view outside.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) light protection
  • Ease of maintenance

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