What is Insect Screen?


It is a screen (also known as insect screenbug screenflyscreenwire mesh) that is designed to cover the opening of a window, door, or gate to prevent insects pest, particularly mosquitoes/flies/lizards, or small animals or pet such as cat or rat from entering into the premises for food which may posts a health threat to you.

It is usually a mesh made of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fiber and stretched in a frame of wood or metal/Aluminium. It serves to keep insects, leaves, debris, birds and other animals from entering a building or a screened structure such as a porch, without blocking fresh air-flow.

Depending on the density of the insect screen mesh materials, it can also act as a filter to prevent dust particles or raindrops to enter the premises.

Insect Screen is used in all openings of a house/building at windows, doors, or gates. They can be custom made & cut to build onto the existing aluminum windows/door/gate frame using a magnetic insect screen which is removable, depending on your needs and applications in your house/building.

Insect Screen Singapore is one of the leading Insect Screen supplier and installer in Singapore, we provide on-site service to measure and custom makes the magnetic insect screen to fit your different size/shape windows or doors to stop mosquitoes and insects to come into your premises, read more about us.

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Benefits & Features

What are the Features of Insect Screen?

Insect Screen Singapore installs the insect screens with the highest quality products with the following list of features. Our custom made to fit screens were produced in our local factory in Singapore before we deliver directly to your premise.  


  • Dense Fibreglass Net Prevents Mosquitoes/insects to come through
  • high transparency, magic invisible Screens
  • Allows wind to pass through, facilitates ventilation
  • Durable UV-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh
  • PVC Strip Net frame use 3M VHB Tape & Magnet and removable
  • Custom Made-to-Fit Screens & complete seal without a gap
  • 6 Colors available to Match Interior Design
What are the Benefits of Installing Insect Screen in Singapore?

There are many benefits of installing insect screens in your house/building especially in Singapore city context due to our weather and climates where insects such as mosquitoes breed fast and furious.


  • Prevent pesky insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths,s or lizards from entering your place day & night.
  • Keep out dust & ash. (Note: it cannot filter out Haze which is PM 2.5)
  • Reduce sun glare, while you can see & enjoy the clear view outside.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) light protection.
  • Easy to clean & maintain, vacuum, wipe or peel down the screen to wash it.
  • eco-friendly products and materials used to save the environment!


Most of our customer’s primary objective to install insect screens in their premise in Singapore is to stop insects from entering their home/office. There’s an increase in demand for this solution as the Singapore Health Authority had stepped up to promote awareness of Dengue Fever delivered by Aedes mosquitoes and World Health Organisation warning on the Zika Virus outbreak recently that affects pregnant woman especially.

Therefore, it is always better to take precaution as much as we can to protect the life of family & loved ones at home and for your business. Join us in the fight to stop Mosquitoes breeding and keep them in order.  

Where do you apply the insect screen in Singapore?

To be most effective to stop insects from entering into premises, all entrance/exist should install insect screen such as


  • Windows (Toilet, living room, kitchen)
  • Doors (bifold, swing, slide, utility room)
  • Main Entrance Gates


We had installed insect screens in most types of property in Singapore. Residential covers 2, 3, 4, 5, Executive, BTO HDB Flats, Executive & Private Condominiums, and landed property such as Terrace House, Semi-Detached, Detached or Bungalows. We have installed many commercial properties too, covers Offices, Shops, factories, warehouses, Education/childcare centers, etc.

Although you can buy the new insect screen material or mosquito net and attempt to DIY to install the insect screen, it may not be an easy task for most people and may end up paying a higher cost. Our package comes with FREE installation, get our specialist to help or guide you to ensure you get the best results.

Insect Screen Singapore

Why Choose us as your preferred vendor for Insect Screen in Singapore?


  • One of the TOP Insect Screen Supplier company in Singapore.
  • FREE on-site survey, no obligations to purchase.
  • A competitive low price of S$10 PSF compared to market (With a minimum spend of S$200), includes installation service.
  • We don’t charge GST, which lowers your cost of purchase compared to other vendors!
  • Final One Price Quote after site visit, No Surprise later!
  • We provide 2 years post-sales product warranty (Only for magnetic stripe & glue).
  • 100% customer satisfaction via excellent support & quality delivery.
  • We have our Own Factory in Singapore, which means quick response time if any issues.
Insect Screen Singapore Promotion

Note: This special discount applies only to customers who purchase Full Installation of Insect Screen for their whole house/premises. Our Insect Screen Singapore Specialist shall visit and survey the house/premises and provide a Final quote with Discount.


Here’s Some Of Our Customers review & comments

Insect Screen Singapore did a nice job in installing the insect screens for my whole house. They were friendly and the product quality is good and money worth. Thank you!

Mr Chan, Macpherson

I found this product on the internet and got in touch with Insect Screen Singapore. I am happy with the service, quality of product and price of the installation. Now my house free of insects and mosquito, good for the baby & children!

Annie Lee, Woodlands

Nice Work done by the Insect Screen Singapore. My house is now protected against Mosquitoes and insects. Surprised and nice that these anti insect screen is near invisible and allow air/wind to pass through!

Esther, The Peak @Toa Payoh

Safeguard Your Love Ones With The Effective Insect Screens in Singapore!

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