Dengue fever should not be taken lightly for the reason that it is a serious mosquito-borne disease comprised of 4 various strains. Once not treated properly or if there’s another strain of disease that’s contracted, dengue hemorrhagic fever, a more serious disease, will follow, which could result in the victim’s permanent disabilities or worst, death. So, proper protection against dengue fever may prevent it from happening.

Singapore is one of the places in the world that’s affected by dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases like the Zika virus. Basically, the disease spread by bites from the infected Aedes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes would bite a person who has fever and virus that enters the mosquito. Once the mosquito bites a healthy individual, the insect will transfer dengue fever. There are generally 4-degree dengue viruses. That is the reason why the hunt for treatments and a vaccine is a big deal.


Dengue Fever – Is it Contagious?


The transmission of dengue fever does not happen from one person to another. You cannot catch this disease from somebody who has it. The most typical way of getting infected with dengue is through infected mosquito bites.

In some rare cases, pregnant women may pass the disease to their unborn child or this could spread from the infected donors through organ and blood transfusions.


Symptoms of Dengue Fever


The disease’s mild forms may produce a variety of symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, vomiting and nausea, headaches, pain behind the eyes, muscle pain and joint, high fever, and rash. Some people might not experience symptoms, especially the ones with a mild case.

As a matter of fact, most people who are infected might not develop symptoms that can increase the risk for transmission. If symptoms develop, they start about 4-10 days usually after the patient was bitten by infected mosquitoes.


How You Can Prevent Dengue Fever in Singapore?


The most common control measure for dengue fever prevention is getting rid of the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes, which are the carrier of this disease. Aside from clearing some stagnant water around your home that would prevent the breeding of such mosquitoes, another solution is installing magnetic and removable insect screens.

These would prevent any flying insects to enter your home. These serve as a shield to protect you and your family members from the dangers brought by Aedes mosquitoes. The best thing about insect screens is that they are an affordable solution and suitable for your windows and doors. No matter what type of windows or doors you have there, insect screens can be customized to fit in.

Whenever you are trying some preventative measures, the key is consistency. Consider using some methods like insect screens and continue using such preventative measures throughout the mosquito season. Remember that it takes only one bite to get this disease. Therefore, make sure to work your way to avoid mosquito bites. If you want to install some insect screens on your windows and doors, always give an insect screen specialist a call for you to get the right ones for your unique needs.


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