There are some lizards that can be downright nasty and can become dangerous pests. While they don’t necessarily belong to the dangerous category, house lizards are usually evicted from people’s homes. This can be because they are a source of fear for family members, while other homeowners just want their houses to be free from reptiles. Whatever your reason might be, below are a few tips on how to get rid of lizards in Singapore:


Use Repellents


Lizard repellents are now available in stores, and these are reported to be effective in keeping lizards away from your home. There are different forms of repellents you can try. These include spray-based repellent and chalk-based repellents. If there is a plague of lizards in your house, there’s a high chance that the same thing goes for your neighbors.

You can ask them for suggestions on effective repellents. There are even repellents that can chase out not only lizards but also other types of insects so you can check these out, too.


Remove Their Source of Food


House lizards feed primarily on insects. This means that if your home is not properly protected from insects, it is possible that you will also have problems with lizards. Eliminate the insects and you will soon bid goodbye to those reptiles that lurk in the corners.

Use quality screens on your doors and windows so that no insects will manage to get in. See to it that you also spray insecticides and pesticides every now and then so you can kill the moths and mosquitoes which often serve as the food for house lizards. The bushes and grass around your lawn must also be trimmed short to avoid the proliferation of pesky insects. Since Singapore has a tropical climate, it is highly recommended to follow these simple tips since insects often thrive and grow in humid surroundings.


Repair Cracks and Holes in Your House


Lizards can find their way into holes and cracks think are difficult to get into. Inspect all nooks and corners in your house for areas where lizards can enter. You also have to check outside your home for openings and cracks. Once again, it will help if you can install screens on windows and doors. You can use sealants as well for patching up openings since reptiles will not be able to eat through these.


Use Flypaper


If you think that flypaper is for flies alone, you better think again. You can put flypapers in places where you often see lizards, like near corners or in places where there are bulbs and lights where moths and insects gather. One more way of trapping lizards will need some quickness and dexterity on your part. With the use of a box, corner it and cover the lizard right away with the box.

Slide a thin piece of cardboard under the box to cover it when you turn it over. Take the box outside and release the insect several meters away from the house. See to it that it is far enough so that the lizard will not be able to come back, or your efforts will be useless.


If you really want to know how to get rid of lizards in Singapore, using insect screens is the best answer you can get. Contact the insect screen specialist to discover an easy way to say goodbye to these pesky house reptiles!


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