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Mosquito Net in Singapore


To ensure that no blood-sucking insects will invade your home without spoiling your view of the outdoors, our company Insect Screen Singapore’s mosquito screen is best suited for your house windows.

With unique features and top-of-the-line materials, you can be sure that our products are not just functional and stylish, but can also bring more benefits to you and your home.

But aside from mosquitoes, those insects like ants, cockroaches, etc that peek through your windows and slowly creep into your home can turn into a big-time problem as well. Spiders and reptiles like house lizards can also be an annoyance, not to mention that these can even bring some risks to human health.


mosquito net singapore


There are now a lot of products and facilities which can be used to prevent these insects and bugs from wreaking havoc in your home. However, the most efficient and most popular one is none other than the mosquito net or also known as insect screen that effectively stops them from entering your premise.


Why Install Mosquito Net in Singapore?


If you have plans to install a mosquito net or screens on your house windows in Singapore, below are some of the top reasons that will surely help you reach a wise decision:


  • Our mosquito net will not jeopardize both the interior and exterior of your home. No drilling is needed on your existing windows, we use 3M industrial adhesive tapes to hold the mosquito net firmly on your windows.
  • These nets can prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other insects into your home, and at the same time, they can let the cool breeze circulate around your house thoroughly.
  • These mosquito nets are the most ideal solution to finally say goodbye to your mosquito worries. This way, you no longer have to burn the coils and get suffocated by its smoke. Smoke from mosquito coils is not too safe, especially when there are kids in the house because the smoke can cause allergies.
  • There’s no need to use Mosquito repellant or Mosquito traps that use electricity, our product is clean & green!
  • The net we produce is made from the finest materials to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting, thus letting you use them for a long time. On top of this durability, the screens also give your windows the good looks you will surely love.
  • Our Mosquito Net allows 90% of wind to pass through, no worries of air circulation post-installation.
  • Whatever the size of your windows might be, we can come up with a mosquito net that suits your desired shape and size.
  • Our mosquito net comes at affordable prices and requires minimal maintenance.


If you are fed up with all those mosquitoes and other insects that always bug you and your family, now is the perfect time to think of getting a mosquito net. This will serve as your one-time solution for those pesky mosquitoes that are guaranteed to last for at least 2-3 years!

Contact us, your mosquito net specialist in Singapore, and enjoy a mosquito-free life for good!


How do we install the Mosquito Net in Singapore?


There are few quick steps in installing the Mosquito Net in Singapore.


  1. Coordinate and Schedule a FREE Site Visit
  2. Check the types of windows & doors
  3. Take the measurements on-site & provide the Final Quote
  4. Fabricate the mosquito net/mesh to the specific shape and dimension of the window/doors in our local factory in Singapore
  5. Install the insect screen on-site & test to ensure quality!


Our Insect Screen Specialist will be on-site for an appointment with you to understand your requirement and preference. They will then make measurements to derive the proposal & final cost quotation on-site with no obligation to purchase.

If you can confirm the purchase with a deposit, they shall work with you for the exact date of installation. The on-site measurement typically takes about 30 mins, fabrication of the mosquito net takes about 2 days on average and installation on-site takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the size and number of windows.


Mosquito Net Materials we used.


During the site visit, Our Insect Screen Specialist will show you the sample and quality materials we used and let you select the colors of the frame to suit well into your existing interior design.


  • High-transparency & UV-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh
    • The high-quality fiberglass mesh that we use in our insect screens offers good ventilation, exceptional transparency, anti-corrosion properties, and resistance to burns. It is also UV-resistant, which helps to reduce sun glare as well as protect us from harmful UV rays.
  • 3M VHB Tape & Magnet
    • 3M VHB Tape’s extraordinary strength, conformability, versatility, and UV- and weather-resistance enables us to produce strong, durable insect screens that will last for a long time.
  • Custom Made-to-Fit Screens
    • Odd Size/Shape Windows/Doors, No worries, we custom make and fit for you.
  • 6 Colors to Match Interior Design
    • The 6 common colors to go with most windows/door/gate frame to seamlessly integrate the insect screen to make it look “invisible”


Read the insect screen doors, insect screen windows for more details and picture illustrations.


Why Choose Insect Screen Singapore vs DIY or Other Vendors?


Insect Screen Singapore had installed many insect screens in most types of property in Singapore over the years. Residential homes cover 2, 3, 4, 5, Executive Masionette/apartments, BTO HDB Flats, Executive & Private Condominiums and landed property such as Terrace House, Semi-Detached, Detached or Bungalows. We have vast experience with Commercial property that covers Offices, Shops, factories, warehouses, Central Kitchen, Education/childcare centers, etc.

On top of our expertise and experience, we give you peace of mind by the following:


  • Competitively priced at $10 per square feet (With a minimum spend of S$200).
  • Warranty of 2 years (Only for magnetic stripe & glue).
  • The product is Made in Singapore Factory!
  • Friendly and Excellent support by our specialist


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So, give us a call to show you our insect screen solutions and the benefits that you will get out of this affordable investment which are:


  • Stop insects to enter your premise
  • Keep out dust & ashes.
  • Reduce sun glare, while you can enjoy the clear view outside.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) light protection
  • Easy maintenance

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